Thursday, 22 February 2018

February in Primary ELS

As we approach a break in the middle of Term 2, we would like to thank the students for their hard work and dedication. The ELS team would also like to thank the parents for their ongoing support; it is essential to our programme.

When we return in early March, the students will be studying exciting new Connected Learning topics. Please take the time to watch the videos below to start the learning process.

Lastly, please ensure that your child is up to date with both their reading homework (provided through their USB memory stick) and any additional work that has been sent home (such as vocabulary worksheets which help the children understand their classroom work).

Connected Learning

The links below relate to the new Connected Learning topics.

Year 3- Light and Shadow

If there was no light, there would be no life on our planet. Light helps plants to grow, warms the planet and allows us to see all the wonders around us.

How does light travel? How do we see? To learn more and get a head start, watch the videos below!


Year 4- How They See the World

Artistic works have existed for almost as long as humankind. From early pre-historic art to contemporary art, it represents human expression and has many forms.

How do artists use materials, forms and techniques to express their emotions? How does art reflect meaning, design, materials, technique, place and time? How is art influenced by the environment?


Year 5- Inventions

The Y5 students will develop an appreciation of the contribution that individuals are making to scientific discovery and invention and the impact this has made on society.

How have individuals, through scientific discovery and inventions, changed our Society? Who are the most influential inventors of the last century? Start your learning by watching the videos below!



Year 6- Out of Africa

The Year 6 students will learn more about different forms of life and how they have evolved over time. We see the world around us every day, but do you know how it became that way?

How has adaptation led to evolution? How are plants and animals classified? How have plants and animals adapted to their environment? Click on the videos to get some answers!


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