Friday, 27 October 2017

October in Primary ELS

As we approach the second half of Term 1, we would like to thank the students for their hard work and progress. 

1. Connected Learning
In the second half of Term 1, the children will start exciting new units of study and learn new writing skills. 

Year 3- Flying High

Whenever we want to travel to faraway places we know we can book a ticket, pack our bags and take a plane. We take it for granted! But do you know the history of flight or how huge machines are designed to stay in the air? Get a head start by watching the videos below.

Year 4- Habitats

Life on Earth - everywhere you go on earth you will find living organisms. From the hottest deserts to the freezing cold Antarctica, living things are everywhere. There are more than a million different species and scientists are still discovering more! Why do they choose to live where they live? What happens when their habitat changes?
Watch the videos to learn more!


Year 5- I am an Entrepreneur

The Y5 students will learn about business and what it takes to become a successful  entrepreneur. They will find out about services and businesses, needs and wants and how they can make their own product. The links below provide some basic information.


Year 6- Migration

We are all born in a certain place, but not everyone stays there. People have been moving around the world for thousands of years. But why do people move? What challenges do people face? Watch the videos below to start your own journey.

2. Reading

Please have a look at our students working hard in the pictures below!