Wednesday, 20 September 2017

An Exciting Month in Primary ELS

The children have completed their first month of the new academic year.  It has been very satisfying to watch the students adjust to their new year groups and units of learning. As mentioned in last month’s blog, each student learns a new writing style (E.g. explanation texts) in their Literacy Class based around the connected learning topic they are studying (E.g. the Human Body).  Please check the Primary ELS Blog regularly to know which topics are being studied for each year group at any particular  time. Next month's blog will mention the new topics the students will start after the October break.

Below are some pictures of our hard-working ELS students in action.

Above are some Key Stage 1 students working on their handwriting with Mr Paul.

The Y5 students below have been studying the fascinating civilisation of the Ancient Greeks.

Year 5s and 6s working hard on their reading comprehension