Wednesday, 16 August 2017

                             Welcome Back to GIS!                                                                                                                            
We hope that everyone has had a wonderful break and that all the students are excited about moving up to their new year levels. The Primary ELS Team were very proud with the progress made and positive attitudes shown by the students last year and we are sure they are ready to pick up where they left off in June.

Our programme relies on the support of parents to work as well as it can. Please encourage your wonderful children to continue to work hard at school and to read at home. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team or visit us in person.

Every new term means learning about exciting new topics and concepts. Please take a look at the links below to learn more. In addition to new work in their literacy classes, we will continue to work hard on their reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension skills in our reading lessons. 

Year 1

The new Year 1s will begin their first term in Primary learning about their amazing bodies. The body is the most valuable and amazing thing you will ever own. You have to keep your body fit and healthy because it needs to last a lifetime! Who are we? What are our senses and how do we use them?
Learn a little bit more by watching the video below.

Year 2

The Year 2s will begin the new school year by learning about the fascinating world of plants. Plants are living things – they grow when we give them enough sunlight, food and water. Plants give us food to eat, clean air to breathe and materials to build our houses and furniture. What are plants? What types of plants are there in the world? What’s the life cycle of a plant? 
To start answering these questions, click on the links below!


Year 3

In Term 1, the students will learn about climate and weather around the world.
Differences in weather and climate affect how we live. Weather is the mix of events that happen each day in our atmosphere including temperature, wind force and direction, air pressure and precipitation. Climate is the average weather pattern in a place over many years.To start learning more about this exciting topic, take a look at the videos below.

Year 4

The Year 4 students will start by learning about the body. It’s your job to keep your body fit and healthy because it has to last you a lifetime! What gives my body it’s shape and allows it to move? How do I move? The short videos below will help you get a head start.

Year 5

The new Year 5s will begin by studying about the Greeks. Where and when was Ancient Greece? What would it have been like to have lived in that society? How did what happened in that society thousands of years ago still influence our life today? To start learning about this fascinating civilisation, look at the amazing videos below.

Year 6

The Year 6 children will start their final year in Primary by studying sight and sound. Whether we are driving around in our cars, working, or relaxing at home, we are turning on lights, music, TV, radio, computers and mobile phones. But what is the science behind sound and light?  Find out more by watching the videos below!

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