Monday, 27 March 2017

Term 3 Primary ELS 

The children have returned from their Songkran break and have started Term 3 with the same positive attitude they showed in Term 2. They have started exciting new topics for Connected Learning and this means that there is new vocabulary, concepts and writing styles to learn. Please take a look at the links below to learn more. In addition to new work in their literacy classes, we will continue to work hard on their reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension skills in our daily reading lessons.


Year 1

Bugs, beasties and cold blooded creatures. The world is full of many different types of animals. Animals live in different places, eat different food and of course come in all shapes and sizes. Learn a little bit more by watching the videos below.


Year 2

After learning about the fascinating cultures of North American Indians in Term 2, the Y2s will move onto materials and the magic of magnets. All around us are objects made from different materials. From the clothes we wear to the furniture we use to the toys and games we play with. Everything is made from materials. Some of these materials have special properties. To start learning more, click on the links below!


Year 3

In Term 2 the students studied electricity and how to write explanation texts. In Term 3 they will start by learning about food. By learning about the different types and amounts of food our bodies need, we can plan healthier diets and enjoy longer lives. To start learning more about what you eat, take a look at the videos below.

Year 4

After learning about the amazing Aztecs and writing in historical settings in Term 2, the students will next learn about volcanoes, rocks and earthquakes.. The short videos below will help them get a head start.

Year 5

The Y5s will turn their attention away from the amazing Solar System and move onto learning about the interesting topic of Life and Death - Young and Old. How do animals and humans grow and change throughout their lives? If you want to start learning now, take a look at the links below.


Year 6

The Year 6 group will be focusing on Cambridge English Tests, specifically the PET. Our class work will be focused on the listening and reading/writing components of this well-recognised exam. This is a very challenging exam for the students and will serve them well going into Secondary. In addition to the work we will be doing in school, the students will also be doing the exam for homework. We will use Google Classroom for this, and they will do Cambridge work from this website:
Cambridge Exam Practise

Finally, the children in Key Stage 2 all have the ELS reading homework for Term 3 on their USB memory sticks if they want to do some extra work during the break. Thank you again for your amazing support this year and we hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Songkran.