Friday, 23 September 2016

September in Primary ELS

September has already been a really busy month for our hard-working students! We assist our students through a combination of in-class support for Literacy classes and withdrawal for intensive Reading lessons. All of the children are working really hard and responding well to the many activities we use to improve their use and understanding of English. Read on to learn more about what we do and see this talented group in action.

Mr Paul uses actions with the Y1 and 2 students to help them distinguish between the letters b/d and p/q.
The Key Stage 1 children join in and show their  knowledge.

Mr Garth works on the past and present tenses with the Y5 and 6 students before a morning Reading lesson begins.

Mr Paul can be seen in these pictures reading with the Y6 students. He is checking their reading accuracy, fluency and reading comprehension. He will record their progress and give immediate feedback.

Three students of the Y5 group work on improving their reading and comprehension.

The students visit the GIS Library once every cycle. It is a chance for them to study in a different setting. However, there is no escape from learning! In the picture below, a group of Y6 students can be seen learning suffixes and prefixes with the wonderful Khun Pia.

We would like thank the ELS students for their wonderful attitude, as well as thank their parents for their ongoing support. It is very much appreciated.

Monday, 5 September 2016

ELS students hard at work

The Primary ELS rooms are sparkling with energy! Our students are eager to learn more English and are working hard every lesson. They read at individualised levels and work with us to improve accuracy and comprehension. We also target their phonics, grammar and vocabulary; one-to-one or in smaller groups.

Warming up by forming the letters p, b, p and q with the arms. A great way to get the children to focus.

Two Y3 boys reading and answering comprehension questions.

Khun Pia doing a phonics assessment with a Y4 student.

Mr Garth revising phonics with a Y4 student.

Y6 working with grammar.

Y5 and Y6 boys busy with reading comprehension.